Marino Biscuits

Marino biscuits are available in various delicious tastes these biscuits can also be eaten as raw and loved by the people of all the age groups...

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Marino Cakes

Yummy chunks of cake infused with high quality ingredients with a unique baking technology have a wonderful outcome...

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  • Welcome to Marino Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

    • “Marino” an upcoming Brand in the field of Confectioners and bakery segment, with the motto of providing best quality food products to the clients to ensure the best return of client’s investment.
    • “Marino” a name that itself defines the Quality of the product, “The word MARINO stands for Melodious, Attractive, Rich in Nutrition and Oven fresh.”
    • Marino Food products pvt ltd, a company owned by the Chhawnika’s, one of the market leaders in the state of Bihar & Jharkhand under the famous brand “nasta”
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